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Semi Washed Coffee (Pulp Sundried Coffee)

This method contains both aspects Washed and Un-washed. Here the outer layer of the skin is removed but the pulp is allowed to remain and dry in the sun. Once the drying process is complete, often the pulp is wet and then the beans are removed just like they are in the dry process. This method produces a bolder with more body and much more acidic coffees. Coffees processed under this method is categorised under Speciality Coffee.

Unwashed Coffee

This process is also called the dry process or natural process, the coffee cherries are washed and then they are dried in the sun. Once the process is complete, the seed is removed from the fermented, dried cherry. The unwashed method, also known as the dry-process, creates a coffee that is heavy in body but remains sweet and very smooth and complex. This process is easier and more widely used around the world.

Washed Coffee

In this process coffee cherry is pulped by a machine referred to as a pulper. This means that the outer layer of skin is removed. Once this outer layer has been removed, the bean with is mucilage is then fermented in water for at least one to two days and sometimes longer. After the fermentation process, the bean is then washed from its mucilage after it has released its aroma.